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Orange Wave – For Gun Safety is a grassroots organization based in Pennsylvania working to elect representatives who will introduce, sponsor, and support legislation designed to prevent and reduce gun violence.


Our organization’s primary focus is on gun safety and the reduction of gun deaths, yet we recognize that this complex problem is multifaceted.  Orange Wave - For Gun Safety is committed to viewing gun violence through an intersectional lens with the intent to make decisions and find solutions that reflect this view.  


We advocate for candidates and policies that support strong evidence-based gun violence prevention strategies and also those which will address the issues that are often interconnected with gun violence in our communities.


These overlapping considerations include (but are not limited to) poverty, race, healthcare, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, disability rights, treatment of veterans, and the rise of hate crimes targeting people of color and religious minorities.  In this way, Orange Wave is more than a single-issue gun violence prevention (GVP) organization. We strive for a holistic approach in our advocacy and diversity that represents all voices and perspectives.


We strive to S.E.A.T gun safety candidates:


SUPPORT gun safety champions and eject representatives highly rated by the gun lobby.


EDUCATE voters on gun policy and politics, the importance of voting, and the voting histories and records of elected officials.


Hold elected officials ACCOUNTABLE for their voting histories through advocacy and media campaigns.


TURN OUT voters and mobilize them on the issue of gun safety.


  • Orange Wave – For Gun Safety was founded in July 2018 by a group of committed gun violence prevention activists.

  • Orange Wave is focused on elevating the voices of everyday citizens and constituents on the ground who care about this issue. Teaching people how to tap into their own power to create the change we want to see on gun violence is a priority.

  • Why orange? Orange is the color of gun safety and has been adopted by the gun violence prevention movement. Hunters wear orange to enhance visibility and protect themselves while in the field. Orange is bold, fierce, and highly visible - and so are we!

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